1. General Terms

The MadTree store is a marketplace uphold by MadTree avoin yhtiö, Espoo (FI24816936) and has products on sale manufactured by MadTree avoin yhtiö. The following terms are applied to business transactions between MadTree avoin yhtiö and its customers.

MadTree avoin yhtiö reserves the right to change these terms with a unilateral decision without prior notice. Orders from the store are subject to the terms valid at the time of purchase which can be found from the MadTree store web page. Changes in the legislation come into effect immediately unless otherwise specified by the law.

MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t liable for harm caused by force majeure. An unpredictable event or a change in circumstances that is outside the influence of MadTree avoin yhtiö and that MadTree can’t overcome within reason will be considered as a force majeure. In the event of force majeure, MadTree is liable to inform the customer as soon as possible.

2. Customer

MadTree avoin yhtiö sells products to private individuals that are of age (referred to as consumer from here on) and with a guardians consent to individuals under the age of 18. Products are also sold to corporate clients (including public administration and communities) that purchase products for professional use.

Consumer trading adheres to valid Finnish and European Union consumer protection legislation. These store terms do not apply where they limit the consumers rights in matters set by imperative legal provision.

The Finnish mercantile law (Suomen kauppalaki) is used in trade between MadTree avoin yhtiö and corporate clients in matters not detailed in these terms.

When making a purchase, the customer is obliged to disclose his full contact details including, for consumers, name, address, phone number and possibly an email address. For corporate clients, the required information are the name of the contact person, phone number, email address, Business ID, postal address and if need be, invoicing address.

The delivery time estimates we give are based on information we get from our suppliers. MadTree avoin yhtiö or its suppliers aren’t responsible for delays caused by unforeseen consequences. A binding sales contract takes effect the moment an order is registered to the MadTree store system.

Data protection: MadTree avoin yhtiö doesn’t release client information to third parties. MadTree avoin yhtiö has the right to use client information to uphold customer relations and to market its products in accordance with the Finnish personal data protection legislation (Henkilötietolaki 523/99).

3. Products and pricing

The prices listed in the MadTree store include appropriate VAT, but not the shipping costs unless otherwise stated. If there are clear mistakes in the prices listed in the store the products aren’t sold at a lower price to customers if the customer can be assumed to realize a mistake has taken place.

MadTree avoin yhtiö reserves the right to limit the sales of its products in abnormally large quantities. MadTree avoin yhtiö doesn’t sell products to be sold subsequently.

Products that are manufactured from a customers request or are customized for a customer aren’t granted a unilateral right of cancellation. In the event that such an order is cancelled, the customer is charged with any costs that the order has caused so far.

Professional products are only sold to consumers with the terms of corporate trade. The use of such products demands knowledge and expertise from the customer in their field of use. At this moment, all MadTree products are intended for professional use.

Used products are sold as they are. (Kuluttajansuojalaki, 5. Luku, 14§)

4. Payments

All credit card and online bank payments in the MadTree store are handled by Checkout Finland Oy and adhere to their terms. http://checkout.fi/sopimukset.html

There is a possibility for orders that are delivered to Finland to be paid by postiennakko in which case the payment is handled by Itella Corporation.

Direct invoice payments to MadTree are transactions between the bank of the customers choice and Nordea Bank Finland Abp.

5. Shipping

The specific shipping cost of and order is displayed while making the order.

The average processing time of an order is between 1 and 3 work days from the moment the payment has been received.

The customer is obliged to inspect the delivery within 14 days of delivery and familiarize oneself with the instructions and manuals of the product before starting to use it.

6. Right to return

Products sold in the MadTree store are granted a 32 day right of return as described in the Finnish consumer protection legislation. The purpose of the law is to give the consumer a chance to familiarize oneself with the product as it would be possible in a regular store. If the product has visible signs of usage, MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t liable to refund the purchase.

In accordance with the Finnish consumer protection legislation, a product manufactured specifically for a certain consumer doesn’t have a right of return.(Kuluttajansuojalaki 6. luku 16 §)

Consumer returns and guarantee repairs must always be sent with Itella’s free customer return program. Free customer return policy is only available to residents of Finland. Customers living outside Finland must always contact: hello@madtree.fi prior to sending their return.

The customer is obliged to preserve any shipping documents of the return to prove he’s shipped the product.

Packaging of the product to be returned is the responsibility of the customer. The product must be packaged carefully so that it isn’t damaged in shipping. MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t responsible for damage caused to carelessly packaged products. Costs caused by mistakes in the part of the customer are charged from the customer.

If a return is made without reason or against these terms, MadTree avoin yhtiö reserves the right to charge the customer with any expenses the return has caused.

MadTree avoin yhtiö grants a 32 day limited right of return for regular products purchased by corporate clients. The product to be returned must be unused and in its original, unopened packaging. This right doesn’t apply to customized products, orders that have a value of over 2000 euros or products that are manufactured from a clients request.

7. Guarantee

The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the terms of guarantee of a product before he starts to use it. The terms of guarantee can be found from the manual of the product, a separate guarantee booklet or from the MadTree website.

MadTree avoin yhtiö retains the right to verify any faults in its products. This process can take up to a week from the date the product has arrived for evaluation. MadTree avoin yhtiö doesn’t allow its products to be serviced by anyone else.

If a product sent for repairs or replacement is deemed to be damaged by a customer’s mistake, all costs caused by the repair process and logistics relating to it will be charged from the customer. MadTree avoin yhtiö retains the right to verify faults or damage caused by a customer in a product even in the event of a cancelled sale.

8. Claim for compensation

It is the responsibility of the customer to produce a certificate of purchase, a receipt or some other proof of purchase and the date it has taken place when filing a claim for compensation.

Claims for compensation are only processed in written form. The claim can be sent to hello@madtree.fi or with a letter to Kirvuntie 27, 02140, Espoo, Finland.

In the event of a disagreement and the place of jurisdiction:

A consumer client has the right to bring the disagreements that arise from these terms to be solved in the Finnish consumer disputes board (kuluttajariitalautakunta). A customer can take legal action regarding this debt relationship against MadTree in the district court of Espoo or in a district court of a Finnish city within whom territorial ambit he has permanent residence. If the customer doesn’t have permanent residence in Finland, all legal proceedings take place in the district court of Espoo.

Counseling costs aren’t compensated because consumer counseling and the Finnish consumer disputes board offer help in solving legal disagreements.

9. Distribution of risks in corporate trade

All products in the MadTree store are sold as they are. MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t liable for direct or inderct costs, damage or loss of revenue caused by the use of its products. The provision for outstanding claims of MadTree avoin yhtiö is always limited to the contents of these terms. The liability for product faults is limited to a possible return of the selling price subtracted with the benefit gained from the use of the product.

The end of the guarantee period ends all responsibilities MadTree avoin yhtiö has for products sold for corporate use.

MadTree avoin yhtiö stores repaired products for three (3) months from the day the customer has been informed that the repairs for the product have been finished. After this period the product becomes property of MadTree avoin yhtiö.

MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t liable to fulfill an agreement if it’s met with a force majeure that can’t be overcome within reason. In such an event MadTree avoin yhtiö isn’t liable to compensate the customer with damage or costs and is entitled to terminate the agreement.

When a customer places an order or requests for a quotation he agrees unquestionably with the terms of MadTree avoin yhtiö. The terms of a customers possible procurement contract aren’t followed if they are in conflict with the terms of MadTree avoin yhtiö.

MadTree store terms as of: 19.07.2012